Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand

Interactive Fiction Parser Game WITHOUT TEXT, just hand drawing graphics.

Short, minimalist, difficult puzzles, full of help.

Gent Stickman, the drawing in the door of the gentleman toilets must go to save Lady, the drawing in the door of ladies toilet, kidnaped by the Evil Meat Hand.

Good luck, thy, mighty and sticky adventurer!

UPDATE: You can read a full of spoilers detailed post about how this game was done at the forums "Gent Stickman Vs Evil Meat Hand: Ante Vitam (Post Mortem sucks)"


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dude refuses to jump over from the new tree.



where are you trying to jump?

These messages will be deletted as soon as you confirm you read them :)

Spoiler doesn't help as no matter where I try to jump as soon as I add the direction the idiot decides to climb down and walk into the spikes. (which might indicate a defective parser)

Solution to SKYCHARGER user question at this post, to avoid more spoilers:

I will delete the old posts to avoid Spoilers on them.

In  all the previous situations in the game the parser limited itself to two word commands, which caused me to think this was all it could understand.

No, such limit does not exists. It recognices two word clasic inputs, but you can try plain english in all the game, as a gentleman would do! :D

It gave that impression though, but that could simply due to how it handles words it doesn't understand. (for example, any sentence that contains the word left is treated as a command to walk left)


Not exactly that way:  In the top of the first tree, you can "Look to the left" or "Go left", each one doing different actions.

Poor Gent Stickman tries to understand you the best he can with his open head, using what is known as loose parsing mode, versus strict parsing mode that would be more suitable for learning languages games, for example, to check correct gramar.

Thanks for playing! ;)

When I click on "Play now", I'm sent to a parked domain with ads and no game :-(

Deleted 216 days ago
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Hello CrocMiam!

I think that I found the problem, dued to a random IPV6 set by the domain provider, instead of using the right one, and people using IPV6 to connect was redirected to a parked server instead the right one.

Please, check again and tell me if you finally can play! :)

PS: Sometimes those chages in DNS are immediate, and sometimes they can take some hours :/

Thanks, it works now!